Post-Production Magic for Olympus
Tempest creates post-production magic for Olympus Eye-Trek

Marco Tempest & Newmagic Communications, Inc. continue to push back boundaries in high-end post-production with new project for Olympus. In preparation for the Kioscom show in Orlando, Olympus needed to create an impressive demonstration for it’s newest ultra-cool product, the Eyetrek face-mounted display. The Eye-Trek is a truly futuristic multimedia display unit that fits like a pair of comfortable sunglasses. This amazing product features an image that simulates a virtual 62" screen with surround sound. Other features available with the Eye-Trek are: head position feedback for interactive video & graphics, stereoscopic 3D, and private viewing, all in a small lightweight package. The challenge was brought by the client, who came to Tempest’s studios with source materials on VHS, DVD, CD-ROM, and Zip Disk and and walked out less than 24 hours later with a phenomenal interactive presentation in which prospective clients can enjoy a shiatsu demonstration in 3-D on the Eyetrek, while experiencing a very real shiatsu massage delivered by a trained practioner. Tempest provided his magic as art director, editor, music score and sound effects to generate a most impactful experience…all rendered on the Newmagic studio’s state of the art smoke system. So, if you’re at Kioscom this week, don’t miss the chance to experience massage in a whole new way, thanks to Olympus, and the very special post-production magic of Marco Tempest!
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