Fast as a Formula One Racer
How does one best celebrate the incredible excitement and thrilling speed of Formula One Racing?

How does one best celebrate the incredible excitement and thrilling speed of Formula One Racing? Just ask JTI, Formula One racing sponsor of the Mild Seven racing team – hire Marco Tempest! JTI is the leading tobacco company in Japan, and one of the top three in the world. They are among the top sponsors of Formula One racing worldwide, including their sponsorship of the Mild Seven racing teams. For their "Mild Seven - European Launch Event" at the soundstage of the Swiss National Television "SFDRS" following the annual Belgian Grand Prix, they wanted to send a message in keeping with the fast paced, high adrenaline impact of the Formula One tour in a way that would impress their tech-savvy, extremely hip crowd. Tempest launched the evening with the mysterious high art of his Asian themed “Winds,” causing the tiny flakes from a magical snowstorm to form the image of the event theme logo. Interacting with (and moving in and out of) a giant video screen, he conjured up locations from around the world using his unique “Pixel” technology, in which glowing lights travel from the screen into his hands and back into the screen, each time painting a different image. At one point, to demontrate the company’s sponsorship of the Formula One racing circuit, Tempest created a complete, life-size Formula One car on the screen…and then shrunk it down and removed the miniature version from the screen to award to a lucky audience member. Suddenly changing his mind, he sent the small car back into the screen, where it returned to full size, exploded in a shower of sparks, and was magically transformed into the images of two of the Formula One circuits top celebrities, pilots Giancarlo Fisichella and Jenson Button! Winding up the meeting, Marco produced a specially customized version of his popular “Wings of the Imagination,” including customized poetry commissioned just for the event. A roaring success for JTI and all involved!
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