The Magic of Laughter in Montreal
Tempest's magic thrills audiences and critics at this year's "Just for Laughs" Festival.

Marco’s magic and humor was the hit of this year’s “Just for Laughs” Festival in Montreal. Performing on a show entitled “The Best Visual Acts in the World,” which played on three different nights in the sold-out 2500 seat Theatre St. Denis, Marco received the best reviews of the festival. The Montreal Gazette wrote, “So heaven bless Marco Tempest, a magician who works in and out of a computer screen. Better: He did a trick that involved us all. He showed us a series of cards on a giant screen and we were told to choose one. I chose - the jack of hearts - disappeared from the screen. I turned to my colleague from the Journal the Montreal and asked him which one he'd chosen. The Jack of Hearts! Now that's a trick!” Marco performed two sets on each show, consisting of his popular “The Magic Touch” and “Wings of the Imagination,” in addition to the interactive card trick described by the reviewer. The Just for Laughs festival is taped each year for television specials in Canada and throughout the world – so watch your local listings to see Marco’s performance for yourselves.
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