Asia Talk on NTDTV
Tempest premieres Mindcam on Asia Talk TV
The Chinese community throughout the US and Asia was treated to a special guest appearance by Marco Tempest on NTDTV’s “Asia Talk,” hosted by Helena Chaou. Tempest’s “Virtual Magician” series is currently airing all over Asia. During the interview, Marco performed his new “Mindcam” feat for the first time on live television. Asking his host to imagine she is the dealer in a casino, and to hold up an imaginary card she is about to deal him, he snaps a photo of her holding the imagined card, using his cell phone camera. Placing the camera viewer down onto the palm of her hand, he then asks her the suit and number of the card. She names the King of Diamonds, and, when she turns the phone over, there is a photo of her holding the card she has named!
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