High style in Manhattan
Tempest’s Magic enchants for Clinique at Manhattan’s most stylish nightspot!

The style and cosmetics mavens at Clinique recently needed something really special to launch their new “Perfectly Real” line for the tough Manhattan retail crowd. What better than the ultra-futuristic stylings of Tempest’s video and magic, combined with the ambiance of Show – Nightlife…New York’s hottest new club? “Welcome to the Grand Illusion. Magic redefines the difference between real and illusion. Sometimes it's hard to believe your eyes. Watch closely as Clinique reveals their newest foundation and you will see the effects are Perfectly Real Makeup.” Marco entered, using his “Pixel” magic with flying Orbs of Light Orb to reveal Clinique Logo & “Perfectly Real” Product images. Moving rapidly onward, he introduced his “haunted table” from the great Houdini’s collection. When the new products were placed onto the table, it commenced to tremble slightly, and then floated mysteriously up into the air. Lest the audience suspect trickery, Marco invited an audience member to come and hold onto the table with him as it once again responded to the Clinique product’s presence by mysteriously floating up and about the stage. Another audience member was invited to help “call the spirits of smoke and mirrors,” which then proceeded to cause a glass coke bottle to mysteriously explode, untouched by Marco or the volunteer. Next in the rapidly moving entertainment came the Tempest favorite, The Magic Touch, in which the entertainer interacts with with an unseen friend on his small monitor, manipulating the Clinique logo & several product images. At this point in the event, Marco introduced his good friend, the magician Apollo Robbins, who caused a number of the new Clinique Products to appear mysteriously in the pockets of various audience members. How did they get there? For an inspirational ending to all Marco presented “Wings of the Imagination” – in which he folds a paper containing the Clinique Logo into a bird, which then flies out over the audience to the strains of a poem imploring them to “Let your dreams take flight.” The event was made special for Clinique by Tempest’s ability to make all of his magic about the Clinique products and theme. For Tempest, it was a especially fun because he got to work with fellow magicians Apollo Robbins and Doug MacKenzie, and to perform at the unique and wonderful “Show – Nightlife” club for the first time.
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