Dominican Cyber-Fair
Tempest Stirs High-tech Industry in Dominican Republic

On two consecutive evenings, Marco Tempest presented his special brand of high tech inspiration at unique Cyber-Fairs (cyberferia) in the two largest cities of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo and Santiago. The open-air fairs were sponsored by the most progressive Dominican Bank – Bancredito, S.A., in order to boost the sales and high tech economy of the country, already the largest economy in the Caribbean. Arriving on the day prior to his first performance, Tempest made featured appearances on two of the nation’s top television programs before performances began, becoming something of an instant celebrity in the Dominican culture, and promoting the Cyber-fairs at which he would appear live. Projecting audiences of less than 500, the planners were astounded that over 1,000 people turned out each evening for Tempest’s (free to the public) shows. Sales levels at the fairs were far above what had been expected, and plans are already underway to repeat the events on an even larger scale next year. In an interesting side note, the engagement was precipitated by BanCredito’s CEO having seen Tempest on a Discovery Channel television show. Directed to “find that magician,” BanCredito’s marketing team located Tempest in a matter of minutes simply by typing his name into a popular search engine, which took them directly to his web-site and instant contact with his management team. Another triumph for technology! Features of the public shows included Tempest’s signature “Magic Touch,” “Disk Me,” “Boomerang,” and the inspirational “Wings of the Imagination.” The 18 minute show presented in the Dominican Republic was a special version of Tempest’s “all standards” generically customized show. Working for a new client on a limited budget, in a country where the level of technical support and expertise was unknown, this particular show seemed the perfect choice. It is specially designed to provide an economical and easy package for the presenter, and, at the same time, deliver an amazing and sophisticated performance with all the high-tech gloss expected from Marco’s work. Marco and his clients were delighted when the show proved to be such a strong draw, and that it received such an enthusiastic response from the Dominican audiences.
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