Apple Store - Tokyo
Marco Tempest performs his next generation magic at the Apple Store in Tokyo’s Ginza.

Marco Tempest stunned visitors to Apple’s Ginza store in Tokyo Japan with his breakthrough combination of technology and magic. Located in the middle of Tokyo’s posh Ginza shopping district, on some of the world’s most expensive real estate, the Apple Store is a high-profile location always buzzing with activity. Marco, visiting Japan to produce a new TV special, was invited to perform at the Apple Store during its peak December sales season. Despite short notice Marco drew an excited and diverse crowd of shoppers, families, tourists and Apple fans. Entitled “Multimedia Magic Made on a Mac”, Marco’s performance not only showcased his world-renowned and innovative routines, but it also demonstrated his ability to use Mac products to produce magic. Using Wi Fi technology, integration between various products ranging from cell phones with cameras to computers to LCD screens, Marco proved once again that he is the future of magic. Under the watchful eye of the audience, Marco solved in less that 5 seconds one of the most popular (and difficult) puzzles in the world - The Rubik’s Cube! Marco then asked a random audience member to imagine they were holding a card, and took a photo of them with his cell phone. After placing the cell phone face down in the hand of the subject, they were asked to reveal the card the imagined they were holding. They were then asked to look at the image on the cell phone, and were understandable amazed to see a photo of them holding the actual card that they had only imagined holding moments ago! The Apple Store management was understandably thrilled with Marco’s performance, and is looking forward to future visits to Japan when he will perform at their store again. Marco Tempest continues to blur the line between magic and technology, making Arthur C. Clarkes famous words, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” ring truer then ever.
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