Marco is "Unbelievable"
Virtual Magician on secret mission for German TV prime time hit this summer

If you happened to be strolling through the heart of Berlin in the last few weeks you might have spotted Marco and his two camera teams on a secret mission to create magic for the largest German TV network RTL and their prime time show “Unbelievable”. Marco will present his latest camera magic puzzles and some new street magic segments for the millions of viewers of “Unbelievable” during the month of July and August this summer. Squeezing his taping schedule in the German capital between high profile appearances in Tokyo and Singapore, Marco nevertheless managed to appear and disappear in many of the prime hotspots of that vibrant city: The Brandenburg Gate, In front of the Reichstag and in the middle of the SONY Center. In each location he found crowds immediately drawn to his charm and amazing mysteries. Marco is the first performer ever to be featured in multiple episodes of “Unbelievable”. For the conclusion of the 6 part series Marco will once again travel from New York to Germany for a live appearance and interactions with a studio audience and the show’s host in Cologne. Don’t miss out on Marco’s latest multimedia magic. Here are the Air dates: FR, 07.18. 2008 - RTL - 20:15 (8:15PM) FR, 07.25. 2008 - RTL - 20:15 (8:15PM) FR, 08.01. 2008 - RTL - 20:15 (8:15PM) FR, 08.08. 2008 - RTL - 20:15 (8:15PM) FR, 08.15. 2008 - RTL - 20:15 (8:15PM) FR, 08.22. 2008 - RTL - 20:15 Special: Marco exclusive for RTL in Germany
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