Expansion so Hot...
Expansion so hot it smokes!

Having just moved into our completely new production facility, we wanted to make sure our technical capabilities “came up” to the level of the new space – and so Marco has added a Dicreet Smoke* video editing system. Smoke will interface with our pre-existing Discreet Edit* and Combustion* systems, and will more than double the speed of our video and effects rendering capabilities. Special features of the new system include: . The ability to create and edit projects in any format up to full HDTV. . The ability to create and manage multiple screens within a single time-line. Projects such as our recent surround-video “Ride Aboard the Starship Enterprise” for Microsoft will take less time to create, and make use of more effects. . smoke is an integrated solution for creative editing with unlimited layers and vertical editing. The sophisticated visual effects of Discreet inferno and flame are also accessible from the timeline, significantly increasing speed and creativity in editing, titling, graphics and effects. . smoke provides an unparalleled creative Toolset: Most complete and creative set of tools driven by a firm understanding our market, and our long-time history of vision and technological innovation. Discreet is a subsidiary of Autodesk, and specializes in high-end digital solutions for video, 3-D and multimedia. Their products have are used by leading effects houses include Industrial Light and Magic, and have been seen in such major motion pictures as Matrix, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Star Wars – Episode One.
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