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MultiVid is a multi-screen synchronisation playback solution for iPhone and iPodTouch. MultiVid is designed for economic playback of video content in multi-screen synchronization applications for theatrical performances and for visual artists.

Quicktime encoded MP4 video files can triggered to play in sync across multiple iPods/iPhones and to external screens. Triggering can be initiated from a iPhone / iPod Touch device or from the external OS X control software (download below).

The multi-screen synchronization capabilities found in MultiVid make it a very cost effective and reliable tool for multi-screen solutions without the need for a centralized video processor. Any number of MultiVid units can be synchronized. Sync accuracy is currently around 500 milliseconds and can be reduced to <50 ms when used in conjunction with the network time server functionality included with the OS X Controller app.


  • Utilizes OS X server software to upload video files to your devices (separate download)
  • Video file playback can be triggered from iPhone/iPod or from the provided OS X server software
  • Video file playback on device screen or on external screen (external screen playback requires video out Apple cable)
  • Triggering via OSC API (Open Sound Control) via TCP/UCP
  • Auto-discover (Nothing to configure) as long as all devices and the server software share the same WiFi network


  • Host computer running OS X to upload video files to devices and to run the server software (server software not required for playback)
  • WiFi Network
  • One (1) iPhone or iPod Touch device for each screen,
  • Apple video cables for connecting external screens.

Special thanks to Twisted Media, Inc. for supporting the development of MultiVid!

Download the OS X Controller app here: