Making the Virtual Magician
The Virtual Magician DVD Commentary. Here is a behind the scenes look at the making of the television sereis "The Virtual Magician" starring multimedia magician Marco Tempest

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Der virtuelle Magier
TV-Serie - Native HD 1080i60 (6 x 26 Minutes and 2 x 52 Minutes)
The Virtual Magician is a fast-paced, CG-enhanced, "sci-fi meets reality" TV program bringing magic into the 21st Century. Marco Tempest is The Virtual Magician. He's an award-winning illusionist with a flair for presenting magic in a unique, technology-enhanced setting.

Each episode explores a magical theme in a fun and insightful way through a virtual journey through 3D graphical archives and an expert/historical perspective together with live street magic, special guest magicians and magic secrets revealed.

While technology is a key part of the show's concept and look, the audience is always aware that no camera tricks or special effects are used in any of Marco's illusions! So viewers at home get to experience the magic just as if they were there…live!