FITC Design Event in Tokyo
Marco on Open Source Magic for leading Adobe content creators at FITC

Begun as the “Flash in the Can” back in the 2002, a special series of gatherings for innovators using Adobe’s Flash platform, the FITC has evolved over the to present over 30 events at locations all over the globe. Marco was a featured presenter at the most recent event, held in Tokyo, where he gave audiences a rare glimpse behind the curtain, into his world of high tech sorcery.

Marco demonstrated both his Augmented Reality Card magic, and the more recent Magic Projection system, both making use of interactive video layered over live performance. With this audience, he shared not only his own creative process and philosophy for welding the worlds of technology and human live performance into an emotionally fascinating performance, but also some of the open source software technology that helps him achieve his magical ends.
» FITC Presentation
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