The Power of Innovation for John Deere
John Deere National Convention in Denver
When you think of John Deere, with all that farm equipment both large and small, what do you think of­ Innovation may not be the first thing that pops into your mind, but perhaps it should be. Marco Tempest recently spent two weeks performing shows to help John Deere launch it’s latest round of tractors, combines, planters, harvesters and more – and the show was all about innovation. This giant in the world of agriculture maintains its position as the foremost provider of both light and heavy equipment worldwide by constantly innovating. From agriculture management software to large harvesters, planters and tractors that practically drive themselves, every product they make contains the very latest technology available. With John Deere's commitment to continuous growth through innovation, the melding of Marco’s innovative magic with the John Deere vision proved to be a natural. Performing custom pieces designed just for the occasion, Marco wowed the four audiences, each with over 1,000 John Deere dealers in attendance at Denver’s mammoth Colorado Convention Center. One piece on Perspective had Marco and an assistant moving in and out of a series of 30 foot tall, 8 foot wide columns of LED video – magically emphasizing how just a shift in perspective can totally alter ones’ view of a situation, the piece ended with Marco somehow carrying a 3” tall version of himself off stage – as the 3” version was doing all the talking! In another piece Marco crossed up an LED lit staircase and into a screen four feet off the floor – only to dematerialize and reappear instantly at the back of the audience, some 60 feet away. LED outlines of tractors transformed magically into the real thing. The use of brilliant white light to represent the Spark of Innovation ran through the entire presentation, with lights flying about the convention center, drawing images on screens, and even ultimately creating two tractor rigs out of thin air! What began as a creative challenge developed into an exciting performance success, for John Deere, for Marco, and for our producers.
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