Video Heads Party for Hotel Networks
Newmagic's Video Heads recently attended THN’s party and launch event at “Room Service,” Manhattan’s hot new nightspot.

How does a client impress hip, young, media savvy buyers for it’s advertising? The Hotel Networks chose to do it by inviting them to enjoy an evening of cocktails and schmoozing at New York’s “Room Service,” where party guests included two of Marco Tempest’s Video Heads. The Video Head characters for the event were programmed as an unsophisticated, slightly churlish “Home TV” and an ultra sophisticated “THN TV.” A good time was had by all! This marked the 5th year of performances by the Video Heads, created for a German television special back in 2002. Since then they have performed at major automobile launches, meeting general sessions, trade shows and launch events around the world, portraying a wide range of characters, from cartoons to video signpost, celebrity VIP’s to popular comedians.
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