Marco Tempest to Receive Tannen’s Magic “23rd Louie Award”
Tannen’s Magic is proud to present their 23rd Louie Award for outstanding achievement in the art of Magic To Marco Tempest.

Tannen’s Magic is proud to present their 23rd Louie Award for outstanding achievement in the art of Magic To Marco Tempest on Saturday, January 28th at 12 noon at our store location in New York City.

Tannen’s the worlds leading magic shop since 1925, has decided to award Marco Tempest their prestigious award in consideration of his accomplishments in elevating the art of magic. Tannen’s wishes Marco luck on his many endeavors and hopes to see you then. Tannen’s Magic 45 West 34th Street, Suite 608 (between 5th & 6th Avenues) New York, NY 10001

Dubbed “The David Copperfield of the Computer Age” by German magazine Stern, Marco Tempest is an innovative performer who fuses magic and technology to create unique performances that awaken the senses and stir the imagination. Marco’s combination of cutting-edge illusions with computer-generated video, contemporary music, and state-of-the-art stagecraft have earned him a unique reputation as a pioneer of the next generation of magic and made him one of the most in-demand performers in business communications, corporate events & trade shows.

In fact, Marco has collaborated with hundreds of corporate clients around the world including Apple, Microsoft, Eastman Kodak and Panasonic to create customized shows that present their products in dazzling, sophisticated, interactive environments. Exploring the boundaries between the digital and virtual worlds of technology and our every day reality, Marco moves seamlessly between the living world on stage and the digital worlds behind multiple video screens, where magic can and does happen.

Marco’s unique talents and imagination have garnered enthusiastic praise for both live and televised appearances around the globe. His high-definition television series, “The Virtual Magician” currently airs in over 45 markets worldwide An Adventurer, Scientist, Showman, Dreamer and Hero, there’s no one quite like Marco Tempest!

Past “Louie Award": Recipients:
1 1982 Sydini
2 1983 Dai Vernon
3 1984 Frances & Jay Marshall
4 1985 Harry Blackstone, Jr.
5 1986 Siegfried & Roy
6 1987 Jeff McBride
7 1988 Carl Ballantine
8 1989 The Pendragons
9 1990 Paul Daniels
10 1991 Channing Pollock 1992 (No Award)
11 1993 Harry Anderson
12 1994 Silvan
13 1995 Mark Wilson & Nani Darnell
14 1996 Dick Cavet
15 1997 Harry Lorayne
16 1998 Herb Zarrow
17 1999 Bob Elliot
18 2000 Johnny Thompson
19 2001 Shimada
20 2002 Michael Ammar
21 2003 Andre Kole
22 2004 Criss Angel
23 2005 Marco Tempest

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