Apple Store - Soho
Tempest rocks Apple Store Audiences with Multimedia Magic Made on a Mac.

On an early fall evening in Manhattan, Marco Tempest packed them in at the Apple Store in Soho. The standing-room only crowd of MAC enthusiasts was entranced by a series of seeming miracles, performed by the use of Marco’s magic combined with the amazing video editing capabilities of the Macintosh and Final Cut Pro. Performing in the heart of trendy Soho, Marco’s audience was entirely diverse. Ranging from computer geeks to families to tourists to supermodels in town for fashion week, the result was unanimous: Marco Tempest had single-handedly made people believe in magic again! During the show, Marco was able to solve one of the most popular (and difficult) puzzles in the world; The Rubik’s Cube! To the audience’s bewilderment, Marco mysteriously pulled a cube right out of the TV monitor. Eager volunteers would jumble up the cube as much as possible, and Marco would foil them all by solving the puzzle in less than 5 seconds. Marco then asked seven random audience members to punch their favorite number into a spectator’s cell phone, which magically ended up dialing Marco’s personal phone! Without revealing the magic secrets of how he was able to predict future events, cause colored switches to light similarly colored light bulbs even when moved around among different sockets, or other seeming miracles, Tempest took time out to demonstrate just how he used the Apple technology to create each piece. Entitled “Multimedia Magic Made on a Mac”, Marco’s performance not only showcased his world-renowned and innovative magic, but also demonstrated his abilities to use MAC products to produce his magic. Using Wi Fi technology, integration between various products ranging from cell phones and cameras to computers and plasma screens, Marco proved once again that he is the most forward looking magician of the 21st century. Marco’s high-style, high-tech performances so closely match the positioning of Apple’s computer and I-Pod products that talks are already begun to bring his appearances to other Apple stores across the country.
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