Cephalon Sales Meeting
Marco’s magic inspired and entertained at Cephalon's annual sales meeting.

The Virtual Magician provided just the right mix of amazement, humor and inspiration for Cephalon’s special Provigil sales force’s early morning meeting. Set at the beautiful, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Arizona Biltmore, the meeting was kicked off with Marco’s newest version of Aura, in which he flies an orb of light out over the audience, catches it, and then breaks pieces off to toss into a giant screen, where each orb paints an image, logo…or, ultimately the first speaker of the morning. Later in the meeting Cephalon’s product manager in charge of the meeting wanted a piece that would both kick off his presentation on an upbeat, humorous note and demonstrate the wonders of Provigil. Marco created a special version of Shrinker showing the manager in his room rehearsing his presentation the night before, then falling asleep and having a dream in which he was shrunk down to 3 inches tall just before making his presentation. Marco brought the tiny executive on stage where he demanded “Please wake me up!” so he could be restored to his full size. Through Marco’s magic and the magic of Provigil, he was magically restored, and immediately came out of the giant screen to make his presentation. The session ended with a specially written and animated version of Wings of the Imagination, inspiring the audience to work towards new and bigger goals, and to make their dreams real. Immediately following the formal meeting Marco met and entertained the executives with some of his more intimate magic at a special reception.
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