CES for Kodak
Tempest draws huge crowds for Kodak at CES with new magic.

Marco Tempest and his team wowed crowds drawn to the Kodak exhibit, demonstrating Kodak’s new “Easyshare” technology at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas using several brand new illusions created just for the show. During a 10 minute warm-up, three of Tempest’s assistants performed close-up magic at the periphery of the booth, producing Kodak cameras from bursting balloons, bending spoons printed on Kodak photo paper, and drawing hundreds of eager spectators to Tempest’s main stage show time after time. Onstage, Marco kicked things off with his “Haunted Table” and “The Magic Touch,” followed by a miraculous magical solving of a Kodak branded Rubik’s cube. These were followed quickly by two mind-boggling “techno-mental” pieces. In the first, demonstrating the miracles of how camera phones by Kodak partner Nokia can share photo’s wirelessly with their printer docks, Tempest invited a volunteer onstage to act the part of a blackjack dealer. His guest was instructed to imagine a card and to hold it up before his or her face. Using the phone to take his guest’s picture, Tempest then asked them to name their card, previously only thought of. The card immediately appeared, first on the video screens backing the stage, and then on the small camera phone…as a photo of the guest holding the actual card they had only been thinking of. A copy of the photo was given to the guest as a souvenir. An even stronger piece was created for Tempest’s finale: Two items were brought onstage: a clear plastic box filled with jigsaw puzzle pieces, and an easel holding something covered with a black cloth. A volunteer was selected from the audience, and asked to select a single piece from the jumble of different puzzle pieces in the box. Once they had selected one of the 600 possible pieces, the cloth was removed from the easel, revealing an almost fully solved puzzle…that happened to be an image of the person who had been selected as volunteer. As if that was not enough, the single piece that they had chosen from the jumble in the box turned out to be the one piece missing from the fully worked puzzle! The puzzle was given to the volunteer as souvenir, and Rubik’s cubes bearing Kodak logos were given to all who had participated in mixing the cubes. More than 140,000 attendees flocked to the 2005 International CES to explore and experience the innovative products and emerging trends highlighted by 2,550 exhibitors at the world’s largest annual consumer technology showcase. With executives from more than 115 countries, international attendance grew to more than 23,000 industry professionals compared to about 18,000 last year. The International CES continues to establish itself as the global marketplace for consumer technologies.
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