Tempest Launches Diamond in Dubai
HTC and Marco Tempest introduce latest luxury phone in Dubai

When you’re one of the world’s most forward looking luxury smart phone makers and you want to introduce your latest high end product to one of the world’s wealthiest markets, you need Marco Tempest! Recently Tempest teamed with local promoters to introduce HTC's latest “Diamond Phone” at a special VIP event held at Dubai’s new Monarch Hotel, for an audience of Dubai millionaires. Emphasizing the elegance of the new phone in an ultra-styled environment created just for the event, Marco dazzled with flying lights and a series of specially created cell-phone magic. Audiences were enthralled as Marco’s magic highlighted a dozen luxury features of the new phone, and amazed as he introduced new miracles using the Diamond Phone itself. In one new piece, Marco influenced the minds of a number of audience members, each of whom entered one “random” digit into the new phone until there were enough to create a phone number. When the audience member holding the phone hit “send,” the phone dialed the number of Marco’s own phone. Impossible – but true!