Experience the Magic with Marco Tempest!
Federal Technology Services “Expo 2001” Network Services conference at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Several thousand technology industry and government agency employees gathered for the General Service Administration – Federal Technology Services “Expo 2001” Network Services conference at the Las Vegas Hilton. Marco’s mission for the event: 1. Generate anticipation and excitement for the meeting and the technologies to be experienced. Our successful solution: A custom tailored “Countdown to the Future” running 2 minutes before the “Kick-off” performance at the opening session for the conference. 2. Kick things into high gear with a performance that both sets the tone for an entertaining and exciting conference to follow, and at the same time moves guests and participants into a mind-frame where they find the chaos and change often associated with adapting new technologies to be exciting and fun. Our second solution: Specially customized versions of Tempest standards “Disk Me,” and “The Magic Touch.” 3. To provide a magical and especially high-tech means by which conference participants first meet FTS Commissioner Sandra Bates, the key-note speaker for the opening session. Technology used: a unique version of Marco’s “Pixel,” in which dots of light are plucked from the giant screens and then tossed back in, forming a new image, in this case the silhouette of Commissioner Bates moving within a cloud of sparks. Emerging from the screen onto the stage, one of the magic “Pixels” is still seen sitting on her shoulder…allowing her to participate directly in the magic performance! For the morning’s wrap up, a new version of Marco’s “Wings of the Imagination” provides just the right note to send conference participants off feeling inspired and excited about the days to come. A special add-on performance of Marco’s classic “Boomerang” at the luncheon on the opening day carries the atmosphere of futuristic fun into the afternoon. An exhilarating and uplifting experience for all involved!