Pixel 2001 Launch
Marco Tempest successfully presents a new extension of his popular Pixel Illusion.

In January of 2001, Marco Tempest successfully presented a new extension of his popular Pixel Illusion technology to an enthusiastic response, at a top secret product launch event in Hawaii. Appearing alone on stage with his small flat panel monitor, before a giant screen image of the old product logo emblazoned on a giant sphere of light, Tempest proceeded to create and remove a series of smaller shimmering spheres from his small flat-panel monitor. These small spheres of twinkling light moved about above the stage, out over the audience…and even passed through the magician’s body, all on their own power! Ultimately, Tempest managed to get all of the smaller spheres back into their “box” (his monitor), where he physically manipulated them into a single giant “energy sphere.” No longer controllable by mere human means, this giant globe of light rose out of the small monitor and soared up and into the giant screen behind the magician, were it shattered into a thousand sparks of light and, in a massive burst of explosive energy, formed the new product logo. The audience responded with cheers!