Nine Days in Shanghai
Marco and the Video Heads nominated for “Best in Show,” performing 63 shows in 9 days at the Shanghai Auto Show, for Daihatsu.
As technology moves forward around the world, Marco Tempest continues to surf the cutting edge! Joined by three of his “Video Head” characters, Marco recently drew huge crowds to the Daihatsu exhibit at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Using a digital countdown on the Video Head screens and a giant LED screen to build excitement, Marco appeared first on the large screen, moving from there out onto the floor to perform a special “Magic Touch of Daihatsu” in which he interacted with a pair of hands inside a small video screen to manipulate objects including the Daihatsu logo, to set an upbeat tone for the show. He then moved into a new version of “Aura” in which he manipulates and flies brilliant orbs of light around the stage and in and out of all of the video monitors (5 independently controlled video screens, in this instance), ultimately revealing the new Daihatsu Xenia.

Joining with a Mandarin speaking host, the Video Heads and dancers, Marco proceeded to demonstrate key features of the car by using a small flat screen to imprint the new features onto the giant LED screen, where they immediately came to life. A special version of the show was presented on the press day with segments added to magically produce the president of Daihatsu and the local representative appear from the LED screen.

Nominated for “Best in Show,” Marco’s performance was highlighted on, (China's largest internet portal) with an exclusive video interview. Click below to view the video!