Cisco Japan Awards - Las Vegas
Marco recently dazzled Cisco's top executives from Japan during their annual awards ceremony at Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay

For the recent meeting of top Cisco executives in Las Vegas, Marco Tempest was asked to create the aesthetic framework for an awards dinner for Cisco’s Japanese operations. The theme was “Experience the Best,” and Marco’s job was to provide the styling, magic and energy to help the assembled executives and sales teams feel that they had truly “experienced the best.” Launching the evening was a 30 second themed “Digital Countdown,” which moved directly into Marco’s appearance center stage with an orb of light. The light flew in a circle high above the stage and returned to him, where he split it into pieces, each of which was thrust into his small video monitor, building a giant ball of light. Ultimately the giant ball was thrust down into the monitor where it exploded out onto to two 50 foot screens at the sides of the stage, creating the Cisco Logo. Following this introduction, both Yasuki Kurosawa, President of Cisco KK, the wholly owned Cisco subsidiary in Japan, and John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems (International) spoke to the audience. Marco returned after dinner to present a brief, themed magic show. He kicked things off with his popular “Magic Touch” in which he interacts with disembodied hands within his small monitor, manipulating small balls which kept turning into the Cisco logo. This was followed by a mind-boggling interactive card trick involving the entire audience, and finally with Marco’s “Puzzled,” in which a randomly selected audience member selects a single puzzle piece from a box containing 1500 different puzzle pieces, only to find he has selected the single piece that will complete another puzzle which has been standing draped on an easel on stage since before he came to the state. What’s more, the puzzle turns out to be a picture of the audience member selected! The audience responded enthusiastically. To wrap up this section of the show, Marco once again produced an orb of light which he tossed into one of the giant screens at the side of the stage. The light exploded into a giant ball of light, out of which appeared Yasuki Kurosawa, first on screen, and then walking out onto the stage to introduce the awards ceremony. Following the last award, Marco was asked to come on for one last trick. He entered with “something still on the drawing board,” actually carrying a large drawing board. On the board he drew a globe, and wrote the words Cisco – 2006. Closing the front of the table, he squeezed the board, and out popped a globe – as heavy and solid as a bowling ball – “The World of Cisco.” To close the evening, Marco entered one last time, and, standing in a single shaft of light, began folding a single piece of paper into an origami bird. Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today, networks are essential to the successful operation of businesses of every size, and to service providers, governments, and homes around the world. The company comes together each year for annual meetings, awards, and corporate announcements.