Telecom Identity Magic in the U.A.E.
Marco’s magic touch helps telecom giant to launch new identity.

UAE telecom operator Etisalat has launched a new customer-centric identity.The launch signals the first major overhaul in its 30-year history, and the new corporate image will position Etisalat as the new global player in the telecom industry. Who better to help creating an emotionally charged event than the world's only multimedia magician Marco Tempest? The new identity was recently unveiled at an event in Dubai, which was attended by senior dignitaries and government officials, business leaders and media representatives. Tempest unveiled the logo in a symphony of lights, laser, video and movement on a 36 foot wide seamless video screen. The entire 7 minute "logo reveal" was produced on-site by Marco in the 36 hours leading to the event. Besides his signature "flying light orbs" and screen walkouts, Tempest also utilized the help of the up-and-coming Australian violin quartet "String Diva's", 14 local dancers and his new WIFI wireless video screens. "Etisalat is as vibrant as ever today, as it moves into its fourth decade of operation, and our new identity strengthens our commitment towards achieving new levels of excellence in services offered to our valued customers," said Mohammad Al Qamzi, CEO of Etisalat. "Our intention is to be the best telecom operator not only locally, but also regionally and internationally. And our vision is to be truly global. We have a stated aim of being among the top 20 telecom operators in the world by 2010. We are entering new markets across the world and what you see from today onwards is not just a change of logo, but a significant shift at the core of the Corporation and a new direction for Etisalat as a whole." Culture shift In its 30th year of operations, Etisalat, which until recently enjoyed a monopoly, has made the UAE one of the most wired nations in the region, with over 4.7 million subscribers, touching a 100 per cent mark, a first in the region. Around 41.5 per cent of the population of the UAE have access to the internet. The new identity reflects Etisalat's values of transparency, optimism, openness, simplicity and reliability. The green colour in the logo signifies life, growth and renewal. Green is the national colour of the UAE, and Etisalat has a long and close association with its home nation - the UAE. "By undergoing a culture shift at every level, we will establish ourselves as a truly global telecom operator, a true ambassador of the UAE success story in the international market." Al Qamzi added.