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China’s largest financial newspaper features the Virtual Magician

China’s largest financial newspaper recently dedicated a full page to telling the story of Marco Tempest, The Virtual Magician. Covering all aspects of his life and career, the article stated: “There are no other magicians like Marco Tempest, who breaks the limits of traditional magic and brings people into a surreal, high-tech world.” The article and interview, which took place in Shanghai, describes Tempest’s rise as a magician, his move from his native Zurich to New York City, and the development of his own special style of performance. In his work for many Fortune 500 companies, Marco often invites the CEO or president of the company on stage with him. The interviewer wanted to know if the executives didn’t resist this practice, as it might make present them in a humorous way. Marco: “Just the opposite. Those chairmen or presidents are very happy to take the roles in my magic shows that may seem kind of funny. They understand that by seeing their leaders do not always have to have serious-looking faces, the employees will feel that they are easy-going and will be willing to work hard for these leaders who are real and friendly.” In discussing the development of Marco’s special style of performance, which elevates the art of magic from a series of predictable tricks to the realm of real miracles, the interviewer asked “What role do you think magic is taking in modern society?” Marco’s answer: “Human beings never stop longing for miracles. Such longings could be fulfilled easily when we were little. I remember when I was little; I was always very excited when it snowed. I thought that it was a miracle from heaven. There were many such "miracles" that made me feel so attached to this world. But as I grew in age, I started to understand what these ‘miracles’ really were, and now we have a life without any surprises. But magic is not only for children, it’s also for adults, an everlasting miracle.” View the full text of this article in our on line press archives.