Tempest wows Davol Sales Force
A Virtual Journey around the Globe.

Davol Inc. is a subsidiary of C. R. Bard, Inc. a leader in the medical products industry with over a century of quality service to its customers. Davol Inc. focuses its business on innovative products in key surgical specialties, including hernia repair, hemostasis, orthopaedics, and laparoscopy. At a recent sales meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, the sales and marketing team invited Marco Tempest to help join them for a bit of fun. Challenge: How to impress 300 of the world’s top medical device sales executives with the company’s annual incentive/reward program, in a fast-paced presentation involving their sales managers which will be fun and humorous, but leave the managers with dignity fully intact. Solution: Put the Virtual Magic and creativity of Marco Tempest to work for your team! Marco worked closely with Davol marketing team and event planners to produce a magical journey for the two sales managers to demonstrate each of the prizes that would be awarded: A trip for two to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – our executives were invited to join in, and walked into the screen, right into the middle of a music thumping Carnival parade. A trip to Spain for the running of the Bulls! With a click of Marco’s magical remote control, our two intrepid execs found themselves on a street in Pamplona, Spain. Coming at them is a stampede of wild-eyed bulls. They both run (in place) as fast as they can, knees pumping high. Another click, and we are diving in the Grand Caymans -- Suddenly our guys are in an underwater paradise of tropical fish and coral. They are wearing diving masks and when they talk their words appear in bubbles above their heads. A trip for two to Italy! Yet another click, and the two executives now appear inside a yellow Jeep Wrangler, in the midst of traffic with the Coliseum in the distance. One of them pounds the horn, and they find themselves suddenly in Paris…sailing over the Eiffel Tower! One final click and the two find themselves standing in front of a neutral background and in front of the Jeep Wrangler, which is, itself one of the prizes. In less than 5 minutes, they have toured the world and presented all of their top prize destinations…all in a presentation filled with humor and good fun. As the two emerged from the giant screen, they, and Marco, received a well-earned and enthusiastic round of applause – for another creative challenge well met.