For Immediate Release
UK’s Sky One and Channel 5 welcome The Virtual Magician.

For Immediate Release: New York/USA –August 2002) – Newmagic Communications, Inc has just licensed the 13 part original half-hour entertainment series, "The Virtual Magician" to Sky One, the entertainment programming arm of Newscorp's UK-based BSkyB. Sky plans to launch the series for its Easter 2003 holiday schedule. Further, terrestrial giant, Channel 5 is already looking at it for the second run. Regional clearances in Latin America, The Middle East and Asia are in discussion, and Newmagic will be announcing additional European partners soon. Newmagic Communications, Inc. is a New York based television and multi-media production company specializing in high-end visual effects and television programming. World-class illusionist Marco Tempest is “The Virtual Magician,” a futuristic iconoclast on a mission to re-discover the mysterious origins, beauty and time-honored craft of magic. In each of the 13 half-hour episodes, he will take audiences on a graphical journey through his “virtual archive” of legends and mysteries, then into the real world complete with live street performances, guest appearances and secrets revealed.
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