Marco's Magic a hit in Korea
“Marco Tempest Amazing Magic Show” premiered on Korea’s SBS TV to a 9.6% rating – extremely high for the market.

“Marco Tempest Amazing Magic Show” aired on May 24th on Korea’s 2nd largest TV network, SBS. The show garnered 9.6% rating, which is very high for the Korean market. It marked the first in a series of television and live appearances planned for Korea by Tempest in partnership with Orion Co. Ltd, his new production partner for the region. Featured on this first of Marco’s specials for the Korean market were local celebrities MC'd by Lee Kyungkyu. Other guests inlcuded Cho Hyungki, Baek Boram, Kim, Jaewoo, Ahn Moonsook, Ahn Jaehwan. Shot in and around Seoul, the 70-minute special featured many pieces created just for the event. A special “behind the scenes” video shot during the making of the special is released on the viral video site. Click below to watch the vblog of Marco's trip
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