Nortel Networks
Annual Awards gala in Singapore.

At the end of a long day of meetings and a power-packed awards dinner at the Raffles Convention Center in Singapore, Nortel executives from all over Asia were treated to a very special “magic of technology” entertainment featuring their own company logo and meeting themes by none other than our favorite Virtual Magician, Marco Tempest. Tempest’s show began by building excitement with his trademark Countdown to Excitement, followed by “Disk Me,” in which and impersonal onscreen entity makes demands of the magician, each of which is met with feats of rapid-fire magic. Two new pieces were introduced, each drawn from recent episodes of Tempest’s television series, “The Virtual Magician.” First came “Ghost,” an otherworldly piece in which a mysterious spirit is captured within a glass bottle borrowed from someone seated near the stage, and then proceeds to shatter the bottle while it is being held by the spectator. This was followed shortly by “Other Dimensions,” in which Tempest briefly explains and demonstrates the principal of multiple dimensional reality, first by drawing on a pad, and then having the object drawn (in this case a bowling ball!) suddenly manifest on the stage. With the new pieces mixed in with standards Winds and The Magic Touch, the evening provided a fast-paced and exciting, upbeat finale for the Nortel crowd of high-achievers.
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