Pfizer's New Vision
Want Vision? Do you want to generate excitement about the future? Talk to Dr. Marco! Pfizer Opthamalics did…

For an exciting launch to their newly acquired Opthamalics division prior to it’s first major national trade show, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals invited Marco to perform a special meeting opener that would combine the excitement they all felt about the newly expanded division and their theme of “SEE THE FUTURE - SHARE THE VISION.” Using his trademark Pixel Technology, Tempest created an excitement-building digital countdown, followed by the multi-stage creation and multiplication of flying lights – some of which flew into the giant screen on stage creating theme phrases – and others that swelled, multiplied and soared over the audience on their ultimate journey to an explosion, creating the theme logo for the meeting and presenting the leading speaker in a shower of light and energy. Each subsequent speaker was presented as a “living silhouette,” appearing out of a giant globe of sparks, each carrying the vision of the meeting onward and upward. For a special coffee break in mid-meeting, Marco invited two Pfizer executives out of the audience to help him perform the magic of the “Haunted Table,” a magical artifact straight from the era of Harry Houdini. “Working together with a strong vision, we really can create magic!” was his theme. Custom versions of Tempest’s up-tempo and whimsically fun “Magic Touch” and the inspirational “Wings of the Imagination,” using a specially created poem as background, closed out the session, sending attendees – the top members of Pfizer Opthamalics sales force – off to their trade show battles, fully charged up and inspired to spread their new vision.
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