ARE 2011
Enthusiastic response at the Augmented Reality Event 2011

In May, Marco’s latest works received an enthusiastic response at the Augmented Reality Event 2011, the world’s largest conference on AR.

The second annual Augmented Reality Event (ARE 2011) in Santa Clara was the world’s largest conference on augmented reality. ARE. focused exclusively on advancing the augmented reality industry, and was attended by the budding industries top luminaries – including Marco Tempest.

Introduced as the world’s most notable AR magician, Marco stunned the audience with his Augmented Reality Card Magic and Augmented Reality Projection Tracking

Here a big shout-out from Bruce Sterling, (the ‘prophet of augmented reality’):

"I must remark that I sit up straight whenever I see Marco Tempest do stuff. Marco is always going to do something freaky and out-there, and even though he’s a tech magician, it’s never about the tech first. It’s always about his ingenuity in finding new ways to employ new tools in creating a magical experience for his audience. Marco’s not an entrepreneur, he’s not going to revolutionize people’s daily lives or invent Web 4.0, but even if AR becomes “old hat” someday, it’s never going to be old hat when he’s doing it. The guy is a pro, and I’m quite the fan"

The enthusiastic audience included Vernor Vinge (author of "Rainbows End" and "The Coming Technological Singularity"), Jaron Lanier (Father of Virtual Reality) and Will Wright (Legendary game designer of SimCity, The Sims, and Spore), among many other leaders in the technology sphere.
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