Techno Surprise in Dubai
Tempest Launches Techno-Surprise Fest in Dubai

Dubai/ United Arab Emirates--Audiences at the opening show of Dubai’s Techno Surprise Festival were dazzled by Marco Tempest’s specially created 'Digi-Magic World' show. Tempest traveled to Dubai with a company of 9 to present a 45 minute extravaganza of live illusion art, computer graphics,

Lightwave dancing and Tempest’s trademark Cyber-Magic to a capacity audience at the Sheik Rashid bin Saeed Auditorium. Surprise Featured in the show were many new illusions, including dazzling light comets flying through the audience, the debut of Marco’s newest version of his 3-D fax technology, two new Lightwave dance pieces, and much more. Invited to Dubai by Classic Arts Management and sponsored by the Dubai Police Department, the event was televised live throughout the Arab world on United Arab Emirates television, and performed to an unusually enthusiastic audience including many dignitaries and leading citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to the live performance at the festival, Tempest was featured at multiple press conferences and live television promotions during his 6 day visit. Plans are currently under way between.

"World famous magician Marco Tempest levitates a table at BurJuman Centre."  Gulf News

“World famous magician Marco Tempest gave 'shop-lifting' a whole new meaning when he used his powers yesterday to levitate a small table, at BurJuman Centre. The trick was but a sample of the mesmerizing attractions in store for young and old alike at the opening ceremony of Techno Surprises Week on Thursday.

” Tech show proves a stunner" Gulf News Dubai By Barbara Bibbo
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