Secret Wizards' Conclave
Marco Tempest joined other top magician's from around the world for a secret retreat in the mountains outside Las Vegas

On the weekend of November 9-13, Marco Tempest joined over 50 other magicians on a special secret retreat in the mountains outside Las Vegas. The retreat, “Legends of Magic” honored three of magic’s elder statesmen – Channing Pollock, the father of contemporary dove magic and heartthrob magician / movie star of the 1950’s, Ormond McGill, dean of American hypnotists and one of the early practioners of the combined magic and mentalism show, and Johnny Thompson, “The Great Thomsoni & Co.” The special wizards’ weekend served as a forum to honor these living legends of the magic world, and as a venue for the free exchange of ideas between some of the magic world’s greatest minds. Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, Alan Ackerman, Lance Burton, Daryl Martinez and many others participated. “I came away with several great ideas for new illusion pieces, and more than a dozen new friends among the various magicians,” said Marco. “Look for some exciting new developments in the future of magic…and some of my new friends to be making special appearances on my show, The Virtual Magician.”
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