Google Magic
Make magic with Marco Tempest at!

For the next three months, you can have fun with friends and family doing magic with Marco Tempest on! Here’s how. Have your friend go to, and type in: “Who is the greatest magician?” or “Is anyone else out there as great as David Copperfield?” (“David Blaine” works, too!). Another good question: “Who does corporate magic best?” Outside of the regular search results, they’ll receive a “special” answer…and link to the latest news about Marco Tempest, the virtual magician! Many performers have learned to use the internet to publicize themselves and their work; Marco Tempest has moved in and taken over. Starting several months ago, anyone with Internet Explorer could simply type in the word “Marco Tempest” or “Virtual Magician” in their web browser's address fields and be taken directly to Tempest’s web-site…a virtual studio where they can view daily news updates, photos, write-ups and streaming video of the cyber-magician’s many projects. Now Tempest teams with Google, the net’s most popular search engine, to create yet another kind of technologic magic. Try it yourself, or send the idea to a friend!
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