TV Asahi - Tokyo
Tempest Shakes up Gold Medal Battle of Comedians on TV ASAHI.
Marco was recently featured in a 20 minute segment of TV Asahi’s popular prime-time “Warai no kin Medaru” (The Gold Medal Battle of Comedy). As part of the show, Marco teleported himself from Tokyo Tower into the studio, traveling the distance in less than one minute, astounding audiences and the cast.

Once present, Marco further surprised everyone with a new version of his amazing “Mindcam mobile phone magic, in which he uses his cellphone to take a photo of someone holding up an imaginary card. The person then selects a card at random from a shuffled deck – and holds it up. Marco then shows the photo he snapped of them on the phone’s screen – and it includes the card the person has selected. A magical camera phone indeed!

Moving on, Marco joined the popular Japanese comedy team Teppei Arita (“Cream Stew”), in a skit where he played the part of the Master teaching Teppei Arita some magic they could perform in front of the live audience.
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