News in Buenos Aires
“Las maravillas del mago tecno.” - Agentina’s largest newspaper, Clarín puts MarcoTempest in the news in Buenos Aires.

“The Wonders of the Techno Magician: He enters and leaves the screen of the television set, sends fruits by fax has a 3D virtual alter ego. Mixing illusion and technology, Tempest has become the leader in creating a new way to make magic.” So writes Andrea Schulte Brockohoffe for Clarín, Argentina's most important newspaper. The article, occasioned by the airing of Marco’s “The Virtual Magician” on Argentinian television, features his extensive work in the corporate market, launching products for high-tech companies worldwide, along with his recent creation of i-Magic, the first magic created and delivered over the 2.5G and 3G cellular phone network. Providing a detailed background, including Marco’s early years in his native Switzerland, his rise in the magic world and his subsequent move to New York City where he now lives, the article stresses many of the ground-breaking innovations he has brought to magic. Marco’s amazing computer-generated video magic, 3-D alter ego, world-wide launches of significant high-tech products for Microsoft, Kodak, Apple, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, Panasonic and many others are all well documented in the lengthy article, which in many ways introduces Tempest’s work to the Argentinian public.
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