High Style Great Clips
Celebrating the world's largest salon organization at Minneapolis convention.

The world’s largest salon franchise wanted to create some magic with their annual convention at the Minneapolis Convention center, and so they asked Marco for something truly special. In a three-day event for about 3,000 franchisees and salon operators, Marco kicked off and closed the two largest meetings, combining large Virtual Illusions with more intimate close-up wonders performed right in the audience! After a high-energy opening featuring Marco and the dancers performing a customized “Neon” dance and illusion in lighted costumes, Marco caused Great Clips CEO, Ray Barton to appear from inside the giant screen to greet the enthusiastic crowd and set the tone for the convention. A bit later, Marco wowed audience members performing “The Haunted Table,” in which a small table floats into the air and around the magician on stage. To add to the general astonishment, he followed up by moving into the audience with the table, and causing it to float once again while being held by one of the audience members. Rhoda Olsen, Great Clips’ president then entered and interacted with Marco in a specially created version of his “Shrinker” piece, in which he took her into an onstage library of video tapes, books and other items containing information salon owners could use to enhance their businesses. All items were “giant” size, and one of the video casettes fell over crushing Rhoda flat for a moment. After restoring her, Marco suggested that they leave the virtual world before something more drastic could happen…but it was too late. Rhoda was struck by a bolt of lightning, frozen, and then “shrunk” to be just 3 inches high on Marco’s hand. Carrying her out onto the stage, Marco and Rhoda carried on a short conversation on the topic of how good it would be to be “big” again…or even normal sized. Placed back into the virtual environment of the screen, Rhoda was restored to her full size once again, and returned from the virtual world unscathed, and to much laughter and applause. The meeting ended with one more appearance by Marco and the dancers, in which they created artwork from light by dancing and drawing on the large screen, before finally vanishing into it. For the final session of the convention, Marco appeared once again, performing astounding magic with the audience as they attempted to stump him by mixing up a half dozen Rubik’s cubes. He solved a random cube within 10 seconds, then re-shuffled it to exactly match another randomly chosen cube exactly, all in the flash of an eye. To close the event, a special version of Marco’s “Wings of the Imagination” was followed by a specially created Hip-hop magic dance piece by the Litewave Dancers, ending the weekend on a high note.
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