1981 Uri Geller - 2005 Marco Tempest
The Evolution of Mental Metal Bending for Prime Time News Show.
Recently the cameras of Germany’s Pro7 Television Network caught Marco Tempest surprising unsuspecting patrons of street cafes throughout Munich. Tempest mysteriously caused borrowed spoons, forks and other items to bend, twist and even break into pieces using nothing but the powers of his mind, and often while the objects in question were actually in the hands of his dumbfounded spectators. “While shooting ‘The Virtual Magician,’ I rediscovered how much I love to perform this kind of miracle right up close under my spectators’ noses,” said Marco. “Big illusions on stage can never have quite the same impact as this kind of seemingly real magic that happens right in someone’s hands. The experience is just as powerful for me as it is for my spectators.”
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