The Powershow Package
More power, simpler to present.

A throbbing pulse of music in the darknesss. A dazzling orb of light descends – into the hand of the waiting performer, who seems to materialize out of the darkness just in time to intercept it. In the following moments the orb multiplies, flies over the audience and in and out of the giant screen backing the stage, where it explodes into a myriad of different images and then flies impossibly back into the hands of our waiting performer. Using light to paint on the giant screen, our cyber-wizard creates images of products, logos, high impact messages, and even living people…all of whom pass back and forth between the world inside the screen and outside on the live stage. Miracles abound, each in a different emotional and visual setting – intensely active, quiet and pensive, humorous and inspirational. It is as though we’ve entered some future world where our most exciting visions have been made real. And it is available now. Marco Tempest’s POWERSHOW II is comes as a simple package, using logos, product images and theme phrases that you supply, and divisable in any way that suits your needs. The overall show includes up to 28 minutes of high-impact performance by the Virtual Magician, Marco Tempest. For a single price, you receive complete video customization for Tempest’s segments, his performance, a day of technical rehearsal prior to that performance, and his travel costs to the city of your event. You need only supply the technical support (lights, sound, video) and hotel accommodations at the venue. What could be simpler – or more effective for your clients? Click below to learn more and even view segments of the show on streaming video. Or call us now to book this exciting package.
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