Clearer Vision at Bausch & Lomb Event
"Virtual Magician Live" for Bausch & Lomb Asia.

What could be more exciting than get-together of all your top executives at Thailand’s famed beach resort in Phuket? For Baush and Lomb’s Asia division, a certain way to crank up the excitement was an end-of-day performance by Marco Tempest, whose “Virtual Magician” television series was set to premiere throughout Asia beginning in March of 2004, just two months after the meeting. Tempest presented a preview of effects from the new series, making the Bausch & Lomb executives among the “first to know” in all of Asia. Including logos from the meeting and the corporate logo within several of the fully customized live and video pieces, and by inviting various members of the Bausch & Lomb VIP audience to join him on stage to help create the magic, Tempest created an evening that truly presented “The Magic of Bausch & Lomb” – a high-energy and uplifting way to end a long day of meetings, and a real treat for the hard-working executives.
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