Marco Tempest 2.0 Website goes live!
Marco Tempest teams with Numcom Software to create his most responsive and comprehensive web-presence yet.

As the speed of change increases with each passing day, so does the need to respond to that change in ever more rapid and creative ways. Marco Tempest has teamed with Numcom Software for his new web-site, specifically designed to make it easier for Tempest and his team to deliver up-to the minute content and respond more rapidly to client needs by providing instant proposals, up to the minute news, a wide array of media services, and more. Using Appway, an application as dynamic, engaging and powerful as Marco Tempest's magic, Numcom Software was able to design and implement Marco Tempest's site in record time. Change requests could be easily handled even late in the release cycle. In addition to being Tempest's public face on the Internet, the site serves as a management tool with which Marco Tempest coordinates his entire business from interactive proposal generation to trip planning and stage conception, manages his crew and keeps track of his calendar. From all over the world, Marco Tempest's agents and representatives collaborate and plan events and news together. Appway's web 2.0 modeling tools makes integrating media from all over the web seamless. "I can easily create mash-ups using YouTube, Live Video, Google Maps and other online sources using just a visual editor," explained Marco Tempest. "Since one company created the whole system, everything integrates seamlessly. I can visually create and edit workflows and pageflows, changing my business logic right from my web browser, and then switch to another editor and, still inside the browser, and change my homepage with the same ease-of-use."
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