A Tempest in Televised Time!
Tempest’s new television series, “Keeper of Secrets.”

Virtual Magician Marco Tempest, will be seen traveling through time and space to collect the greatest mysteries of the ages on Tempest’s new television series, “Keeper of Secrets.” The series of 26 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes, will be presented by one of two major Japanese television networks later next year (negotiations continue as of this writing). Tempest plays a magician from another time – dedicated to seeking out and preserving mysteries of the past, so that he may revive a sense of wonder in his own (and our) time. Making full use of Tempest’s state-of-the-art production facilities in Manhattan, the series will be produced completely in-house. While the initial pilot episode was produced for Japanese television, where the first episodes will air, a parallel series will be produced in English and in German for the North American and European markets.
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