First Public Performances in Hong Kong
Tempest draws thousands to “The Edge,” to celebrate latest project for Hong Kong MTR.

Thousands of Marco’s fans showed up at his first series of public performances in Hong Kong, celebrating the opening of “The Edge,” which is the newest of MTR’s giant projects. With two 40 minutes public shows each day and special teaching sessions for select customers, the event was among MTR’s most highly publicized and well attended events of the holiday week. Tempest has visited Hong Kong frequently over the past several years for various corporate event performances, for Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and other major technology and financial industry clients, but this week long event at “The Edge” marked his first appearances for the general public. His television series “The Virtual Magician” aired in Hong Kong over the past year, so though he had not performed live shows for the general public, he was already well-known, as evidenced by the size and enthusiasm of the crowds attending.
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