Citibank VIP event, Hong Kong
Marco recently entertained top executives and VIP guests for Citibank, Hong Kong with specially created magic

As one of the world’s top international banks, Citibank often hosts special events to entertain and impress VIP clients and introduce them to its’ top executives. At one such recent event in Hong Kong, Marco Tempest was asked to provide entertainment that would help facilitate introductions and interactions between the various attendees, and then to present a short and inspiring stage presentation as a finish to the evening, using the Citibank logo and themes. Held at the pool house of the Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong, the event was attended by just over100 VIP clients and executives. Marco designed a number of special strolling effects which he presented as the guests mingled over cocktails. Early in the evening, he circulated among the guests sharing special effects using borrowed cell phones, objects which moved while held in a guest’s hands, stacks of money which instantly transformed before the spectators’ eyes and other small miracles. The process of sharing the close-up magic entertained, but it also provided an ice-breaker to start conversations amongst the group, many of whom had not previously known one another. Later on, Marco performed a 20 minute show on a small platform, using his own small video monitor and a larger plasma screen mounted on the wall. Opening with his popular and whimsical “The Magic Touch” in which he interacts with a “virtual friend” trapped inside his small monitor, Marco manipulated balls and other small objects in and out of the small monitor, and ultimately into the shape of the Citibank logo. He followed by demonstrating how a little planning – such as that provided by Citibank financial advisors – can make even the most difficult of projects simple. The effect involved the use of several Rubik’s cube puzzles, mixed by audience members, and solved almost instantaneously by Marco. Then, for a real stunner, he asked an audience member to hold an imaginary playing card in the air as he snapped their photo on his cell phone. He then asked them to name the card, and then to look at their photo on the cell phone – which now showed them holding the actual card they had named. Other effects included having an audience member select one puzzle piece from a box of over 1,500, and then discovering it to be the one piece which completed an already worked out jigsaw puzzle which had been covered on an easel onstage while the selection was being made – and which happened to be of the Citibank logo. He wound up with a puzzling presentation of a “next generation” switch board on which colored switches always operated a particular colored lightbulb, no matter what socket the bulb was plugged into, and a humorous piece in which a drawing of the globe suddenly slides off the page and becomes a real, 3-dimensional globe. Marco’s specially designed presentation had exactly the desired effect – making social interactions easy during the cocktail hour, and then providing an entertaining and impressive finale to the successful evening, both for Citibank and their VIP guests. Another success for the careful pre-planning and customized performances that are the specialty of the Virtual Magician.
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