Mercedes S-Class Launch
Marco Launches top of the line Mercedes S-Class throughout Middle East.

Once every 9 years, Mercedes Benz launches a new version of its flagship “S-Class" automobile, each time unveiling the newest and best technologies they have created in that period. The Middle East is a prime market for this, the very top of the Mercedes line – and for the launch of the latest “S-500,” Mercedes came to the leading high-technology performer of our time, Marco Tempest to create and present the new car with a high-style performance matching the elegance and technology of the new car. Over a three-week period, Tempest and his team travelled to Dubai, Beirut and Doha, producing custom video on site that featured local landmarks and a local celebrity to be incorporated later into a special “Virtual Reality Test Drive” as a part of Marco’s show. In each city, Marco introduced the show with his signature “Aura” flying light magic, creating an explosion of light on a giant screen, which dissolved into a giant Mercedes Logo. Following that, he donned virtual reality gear to “create” the new car, highlighting all of its many new features, in a virtual 3-D model on the giant screen. Once the virtual car was created, Marco invited an audience member to take it for a test drive with him, through the streets of their city. During the drive different systems were highlighted, and at the end of the drive the car drove out of the virtual, on-screen world, and onto the stage, where audiences roared and rushed the stage to see this new and most amazing of vehicles.
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