What do Tom Cruise and Marco Tempest have in common?
Traveling in style. Marco on the trail of the Phaeton - only beaming is better

During a recent promotional tour in Germany, Marco Tempest enjoyed a very special sponsorship from Volkswagen, who provided one of its flagship limited edition limousines, the Phaeton for all of his transportation during the tour. The Phaeton, named for the son of the greek sun god Helios, was Tempest’s stylish magic carpet transporting him from one high profile event to another during his weeklong tour. A special thanks for their insight to Volkswagen for supporting the combination of the worlds #1 multimedia magician with their #1 high-tech limousine. Car and Driver wrote of the Phaeton: The days when Volkswagen translated to "people's car" are over. This car, the Phaeton, stretches to 199.0 inches in length, is powered by a 12-cylinder engine making 414 horsepower, and features an air-conditioning system so complex it splits the interior into four separate zones. VW's new luxury sedan takes on the Mercedes-Benz S-class, the BMW 7-series, and the new Audi A8 and Bentley GT Coupe, in-house rivals that share many of the same mechanical components. Masterminded by Ferdinand Piëch, VW's recently retired chairman, the Phaeton set out to be nothing less than the best car in the world.
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