The Virtual Magician on Google Video
The Google Video program has just expanded, and Marco Tempest is there!

The Google Video program has just expanded, and Marco Tempest is there! Imagine being able to go online and view a clip from Marco’s “The Virtual Magician,” in which he presents a mind-boggling magical phenomenon. If you want to learn the trick so you can mystify your friends with it, you can spend just $1 and view Marco teaching it. All tricks are simple in nature, and can be learned effectively in one viewing. “As the Virtual Magician, my mission is to keep magic and mystery alive in the world. Through the simple teaching segments, I am enlisting the aid of thousands of home viewers who, I hope, will be sharing these easy-to-perform miracles with their friends all over the world,” says Tempest. Previously, Google provided a service indexing material on video from a small number of commercial television stations only. Now, according to E-week: “Google is ready to expand its experimentation with video search this week by allowing individuals to submit video to the search engine.” Google co-founder Larry Page disclosed the company's plan to begin accepting video submissions during a session in San Francisco at the 2005 National Show, a cable industry conference and tradeshow. The move would be the next step for Google's video search effort, which so far has focused on making broadcast TV content searchable.
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