The Virtual Magician is #1 in Japan
Japan's leading broadcaster has joined Newmagic Communications, Inc. in an international co-production.

(New York/USA - August 2003) - Japan's leading broadcaster and innovator of HDTV has joined Newmagic Communications, Inc. in an international co-production for its High Definition program The Virtual Magician. Anticipating the future technology needs of broadcasters, Newmagic is now cashing in on its HDTV initiative with this deal in Japan and believes further broadcasters will appreciate the added value. "Intrigued by the flexibility of its modular format, NHK is looking to customize the show for various market needs with plans to air the program in its half-hour form and also repurpose it into 1-hour and 2-hour specials, each intended for prime time. Newmagic is currently riding high on early distribution momentum for the first season and the new partnership with NHK firmly reinforces the quality and content of the program." adds show creator Marco Tempest. Additional distribution deals include: Sky One in the UK, Discovery Channel in Germany, STAR-TV for Pan-Asia (36 countries), second windows to terrestrial broadcasters ATV in Hong Kong and Channel 5 in Singapore, Televisa in Mexico and YLE in Finland. More on NHK: Well known for award-winning, high-quality programming, especially nature and natural history programs, this year NHK celebrates the 50th anniversary of its first TV broadcast, and its pioneering push into HDTV is attracting the attention of a growing number of international partners. Some 500 titles have been co-produced with the likes of PBS, the BBC, Channel 4, ZDF, ARD, and Discovery, and a growing number are being shot in HD.
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